Eddie L:

“From Skeptic to Student: To properly lay emphasis of my conversion I must explain a little about myself.  I hate to admit, but I was a Yoga skeptic.  I knew it was ‘a thing’ and a lot of people did it, but my exposure to it had given me the false sense that it was more of a hipster, hippy dippy movement and not “real” exercise.  I was into sports gym workouts.  I was also involved in 15 years of military parachuting and field work which eventually takes a great toll on the body.  After a one year deployment running around in body armor, carrying and doing things that pushed my body beyond its limitations, I had become old.  Not in the sense of years, but in the sense of mileage.  The arthritis in my knees was eventually satiated by physical therapy.  I was given drugs to help my insomnia, but I had endured 10 years of lower back pain that I had come to accept as just a way of life.  Eight hundred milligrams ibuprofen were truly considered candy to me.”

“After a couple of years at home I made a decision that I wasn’t going to let the war win.  I wasn’t going to let it beat me.  If I could get my knees, I could cure my back pain and my mental condition.  I had been seeing many doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists over the years.  They all tried many things in many different ways but my pain always came back again.  I live in the country and perform many activities like bucking hay and planting fence posts that will work even a prefect back into being strained.  One day my regular doctor was out and his partner was more of a homeopathic doctor or something (enter my skepticism again).  He gave me a challenge to do three yoga moves, for two minutes each, every day for two weeks.  Being hard headed and wanting to prove him wrong, I did it faithfully.  To my dumb surprise the pain did go away and my back felt stronger.  Not completely strong but stronger nonetheless.  So I decided to swallow my pride and give this Yoga thing a chance because like I said, I was willing to do anything not to let the war beat me.”

“I started attending the Yoga classes that are offered at my workplace taught by Kimberly.  It was not easy at first.  After all I was apparently trying to undo 18 years of military and sports tightening and building up of only specific muscle groups.  I was committed and after about two solid of 2-3 yoga sessions per week, I started to notice progress.  Things that were impossible for me before (like being able to bend over and touch my toes) were now possible.  I would still get back pain buy my overall flexibility and strength were increasing.  As a bonus the relaxation and meditation pieces were helping me immensely with the stresses of my job.”

“Then came my breakthrough and epiphany.  After a couple of months attending class I started to become the most consistent student.  I took three private lessons with Kimberly.  She designed a routine that specifically on strengthening.  We worked on muscles all the way from the sacrum to the shoulder blades.  I began feeling like I had a twelve pack of muscles going up my back and yes they were stiff, but in a good way.  My spine felt completely stabilized which was weird to me.  For the first time in over a decade, I was pain free in my back.  I remember sitting at my desk at work following a workout and thinking, “oh great, now I have to admit that not only is Yoga a real thing, but that I sweet little yogi named Kimberly knew more about the inner workings of the muscles than all the doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists I had seen over 10 years!” So now I am converted.  I have taken the first step into what I know will be a lifetime journey.  My back feels as strong as an ox and I have more energy and more mental peace than ever before.”

Marilyn A:

“I have been attending yoga classes with Kimberly for approximately seven years. Prior to that time, I had been attending yoga classes at another club with several different instructors. Since I have been attending yoga with Kimberly, I have seen much improvement in my strength, flexibility and breathing. My balance is much improved and I attribute that to doing yoga. I am much more relaxed after attending my Tuesday and Thursday yoga classes that the people I work with tell everyone don’t stop to see Marilyn unless you can be gone before she goes to yoga. If she misses yoga, she will have a bad afternoon. I do several types of workouts from weight training to cardio, and the things I have learned in yoga such as good breathing, I have taken to my other workouts which has helped me so much. One example is I was in a weight training class recently, and the instructor had to tell me to change to the other arm because I was concentrating on my form and breathing that I had totally lost track of time and didn’t realize it was time to make the switch. I was completely surprised when he said something to me. My plan is to continue in Yoga well into my old age because it helps me out so much.”

Patricia Butts:

 “When I think of the lessons I’ve learned in my yoga journey with Kimberly, I focus on a quote from William Faulkner – ‘Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

“Through Kimberly’s guidance and tutoring, I have learned how to incorporate my love for yoga and my beliefs into a lifestyle. Through her community-minded spirit, she opened my life to meeting other students and teachers who have expanded my yearning for knowledge and social understanding. Through her shared experiences and patient teachings, I have found where I can be in my element, both in myself and with others. She has helped me find strength to look inward, to relax and to be introspective in finding ways to be a much more emotionally centered and aware person. The experiences of yoga she shared and taught me made me both laugh and cry; to enjoy successes in personal development and in reflecting on how much more I could achieve.”

“Her approach is calming, considerate, beautiful and non-judgmental, always providing a warm and inviting environment that allows a person to look deeply into oneself while providing support to affirm the journey. Kimberly is simply amazing! The practices and teachings she employs, the personal attention and consideration she displays and the personal connection she demonstrates will stay with me and be a part of me forever.”

Bill Sattree:

“Thank you Kimberly for reaching out to a new student and working with me on my level and understanding my way of learning . As someone who has avoided learning yoga and not exercising in the past, your approach to introducing me to yoga has opened my mind and my body to new possibilities and renewed conference and energy. I’ve jumped- started a new life journey tailored for this old body that shares the same address as “me”. I’m learning things about myself and my breathing I didn’t think possible. Body is happy now Namaste’ to my new friends at yoga path in draper.”

Tammy Johnson:

Kimberly is amazing… I absolutely love attending her class. She is such a personal, genuine loving beautiful woman and I love to surround my friends in her aura. Thank you for all you have taught me Kimberly!”

Jonathan Schumacher:

“Yoga Path is a wonderful community resource! Kimberly and staff are highly professional individuals dedicated to the health and well-being of their clientele and community. Kimberly works with individuals and groups in a dynamic and engaging manner and creates an atmosphere conducive to not only yoga, but an overall sense of health – physically and mentally. Kimberly is dedicated, mindful, and engaging – the ideal instructor!”

Soraya Fuchs: 


“I started Yoga 6 months ago for my back problems and since then it has done so much for me. Yoga has given me the core strength needed to improve my back and at the end of each session I feel energized, inspired and peaceful. Kimberly’s positive teaching and guidance has taught me to clear my mind and relieve the stress I once did not know how to cope with. Most of all, I am grateful to have found new friends and a wonderful way of life through Yoga Path.”

Nanette Bateman:

“Yoga Path was the emotional and physical rescue I needed at a very low time in my life. Kimberly and the rest of her team were excellent in providing an environment and a practice that brought me mindfulness, increased physical strength, flexibility and endurance. It was an amazing and rewarding experience. Excellent Instructors!”

Jason Woodruff:

“I was a first-timer to yoga when I started taking classes here, I couldn’t even touch my toes or sit cross-legged comfortably, but the instructors were great, giving me the right attention and modifying some of the harder poses for me. I took the intermediary class with Kimberly and absolutely loved it. It was hard, it pushed me, I sweat a lot, and I left every time feeling refreshed, strengthened, and peaceful!”

Terry Howell:

Yoga Path changed me as a person and greatly enriched my life. I learned to look at myself and at life in general in a much more relaxed and accepting way. It has provided a physical and emotional outlet for the stresses of everyday life. Kimberly and the other instructors create an atmosphere that encourages both the experienced student as well as those brand new to yoga. There is a sense of community and friendship that flourishes at Yoga Path. All of this makes yoga an integral part of your life that keeps you motivated and looking ahead to your next class.”

Merry Hill: 

“My first experience with yoga was at Yoga Path under Kimberly’s thoughtful and caring instruction. She is an excellent teacher and is always mindful of her students needs, helping each one of us to find the practice that will be the most beneficial for each individual. I have enjoyed Kimberly and all of the wonderful instructors at Yoga Path. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

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