The Five Modern Day Phases Of Embracing A Yogic Path

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The Five Modern Day Phases Of Embracing A Yogic Path

The Five Phases Of Embracing The Yogic Path


Searching For A Way To Feel Better:

Maybe, simple chores have become burdensome due to an aching back or chronic headaches.  The ability to concentrate for more than five or ten minutes might be completely out of the question.  There could be bloating, troublesome digestion, poor sleep cycles, chronic aches and pains, or simply a lack of joy.  A nagging feeling may arise that there must be more to the gift of life  So, this is where it all begins, a realization that one does not feel all that great, and a strong desire to fix the problem.  One becomes a Seeker.

Discovering The Science Of Yoga:

Now, because there is clear awareness of oneself, it becomes clear that some people seem to feel better than other people.  They appear happier, their posture is better, they don’t complain so much.  Upon investigation, their secret is discovered, Yoga!

Committing To The Work:

One becomes driven by a desire to enjoy life more and begins dedicating a portion of each day to the Science of Yoga.  The best time for practice is determined and great dedication is assigned to the task.  It is understood that consistency is key to success even if that requires turning down social engagements or giving up destructive habits.

Transcending Resistance:

As the physical body opens and a connection is made with the breath, forgotten memories and emotions rise to the surface.  For a while one may actually feel worse than before but with perseverance progress is felt.  Layer by layer old traumas and grievances are shed in favor of joyful union with Life.  As resistance is conquered on the yoga mat, fetters are broken and mental freedom is achieved.  One begins to understand that situations do not dictate life experiences. Rather, it is the emotions that are stirred up by the context of  thoughts that continuously creates every life story.  Thoughts about oneself, others, and the world in general are the real source of each persons reality.  Aha!  The source has been discovered.

Practical Application In Daily Life:

Because physical postures have been practiced diligently there is a new ease and space in the body.  Special breathing techniques have been learned along with an understanding of how they affect the psyche.  The ability to sit quietly in meditation keeps the mind from becoming tyrannical.  Because of self knowledge, relationships with other people and all sentient beings improve.  The truth has finally been brought into the light of awareness through the discipline of being totally present with oneself and exploring inner reality.  

To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise,

the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.

~ Eckhart Tolle


Love and Peace;


Kimberly has enjoyed a consistent Yoga practice for 30 years and has been teaching Vinyasa style classes for 11. She began her journey with Sivananda teacher Sunil Komar while living overseas. Kimberly returned home to Utah in 2004 and certified with D’ana Baptiste of Centered City Yoga and Yoga Alliance at a 500 hour level. In addition to Yoga, Kimberly certified as a Reiki Master under the guidance of Dr. Carol Wilson, author of Healing Power Beyond Medicine. She studied Transcendental Meditation with Marc Stephens, Director of the Utah TM Center and considers meditation an essential tool for staying centered. Drawing from these great traditions, Kimberly currently practices and teaches a Vinyasa style class aptly named Energy Flow. This type of yoga practice is energizing and body friendly. It helps practitioners connect with their inner strength while supporting their physical and emotional well-being.

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