Energy Flow

Large Powerful Ocean Wave

Action And Reaction Are Equal And Opposite’  –  Newton



The most common translation of the word Yoga is Union. My experience of Yoga is Freedom – this is why I practice and this is my intention when teaching. Yoga helps us find freedom of movement in our bodies and our breath. It also helps free our minds from the constant and stressful treadmill of useless thoughts. It is a moving meditation that can transport us to stillness. It is a way to love and heal ourselves so that we can connect with our inner strength. Energy Flow enjoys the postures and sequencing of Power Yoga with a strong focus on breath centered movement.  Join me and commit to flowing with your breath. Give yourself permission to release all that no longer serves your highest potential. Open yourself to the flowing, healing energy of your own Life Force.   MAY ALL SENTIENT BEINGS HEAR THEIR BREATH AND KNOW THAT THEY ARE NEVER ALONE. MAY WE UNDERSTAND THAT BENEATH THE WAVES OF TUMULTUOUS EMOTION LIES AN OCEAN OF PEACE… ~Kimberly